escrowservicesEscrow Services Offered by American Title Guaranty

Closing Escrows
Escrow fees will by quoted upon request, however, most standard residential closings range in cost from $400.00 to $1,200.00 depending on the specific requirements of each.

Construction Escrows
Please contact our office for price quotations on the following types of construction escrows:

Lender’s construction loan escrow providing disbursement services, mechanic’s lien waiver examinations and interim certification to the lender.

Rates and charges are based upon applications for individual policies and include all normal charges. EXCLUDED are transactions where we are asked to assume extraordinary risks or to perform unusual services, i.e., complex examinations, orders for less than the full value of the property, etc.

Leasehold Policies and Special Endorsements
Rates for these coverages will be quoted upon request.

Multiple lot charges for builder and developers
Please contact our office for Price quotation.

Owner’s policies are issued only for the full value of the property.