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When you are purchasing your home you will want to be sure that the property is free and clear of all liens. This can be accomplished with an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy from American Title Guaranty, Inc. We will prepare a report (known as a title commitment) prior to closing of your purchase. This report will outline to you the most recent tax information, liens against the property, easement, covenants, conditions, and restrictions affecting the property.

You and/or your attorney can review this commitment and determine which items are acceptable to remain on your property. You will require that the seller satisfy all other items and “clear” them from the title.

After the closing and recording of the transfer documents we will issue the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy insuring the title to you.

If you are financing your property with funds from a source other than your own you can also purchase a Lender’s Title Insurance Policy from American Title Guaranty, Inc. With the recording of a mortgage or a trust deed we can insure to your financial provider that the recorded document constitutes a lien and also the position of the lien against the property.