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When your buyer enters into a contract with you to purchase your home they will want to be assured that the title to the property is free and clear of title problems. American Title Guaranty, Inc. is here to assist you in this process. We will prepare a report (known as a title commitment) for the parties to review. The report will include not only the parties in title but also the most recent tax information, liens against the property, easement, covenants, conditions, and restrictions affecting the property.

Once the parties have reviewed the commitment, the buyer and/or their attorney will indicate which items are acceptable. The remainder of the items will then need to be cleared from the title report. Upon the closing of the contract we will issue to the buyer an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy which will guaranty to them that they hold the property subject to only the remaining exceptions.

Traditionally the seller pays the “one-time” fee for the Owner’s Title Insurance Policy at the closing. The premium for this policy is figured on the sales price. For a quote on the cost of this insurance contact American Title Guaranty, Inc.