Surprise! Baby boomers aren’t downsizing

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Surprise! Baby boomers aren’t downsizing

Cox Newspapers June 21, 2014

HOUSTON — Baby boomers aren’t dashing to downsize, choosing instead to stay in largish single-family homes and defy popular perceptions that their retirement years will include shedding possessions and square feet.

A report released by federal mortgage backer Fannie Mae found that despite retirement and becoming empty-nesters, the proportion of baby boomers residing in a single-family home has remained stable and was at least as high in 2012 as at any time since the beginning of the recession.

The findings, released Thursday, were reinforced at a Houston conference last week of the National Association of Real Estate Editors, where some housing experts said not only are new homes getting bigger in general, but that retirees want as much home as they had during their child-rearing years.

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